Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chapter Thirteen
Deep Magic From The Dawn Of Time

Now we must get back to Edmund. Edmund simply sank down and lay on his face doing nothing at all and not even caring what was going to happened next provide they would let him lie till. Edmund was too tired and hungry. The White Witch and the dwarf were talking close beside him in low tones..... Wolf bring news to the Witch. He said- I have seen them. They have killed my captain, Maugrim. I was hidden in the thickets and saw it all. One of the Sons of Adam killed him. The White Witch command to summon all our people to meet me here as speedily as they can . Call the Ghouls, and the Boggles, the Ogres and the Minotaurs. The mosters said We will fight.What? have I not still my wand? Will not their ranks turn into stone even as they come on ? Be off quickly, I have a little thing to finish here while you are away.

Prepere the victim, said the White Witch. But suddenly Edmund heared a strange noise- whizz-whizz-whizz. He could think what it was. Then he realized. It was the sound of a knife being sharpened. Than he realized it will be ritual. He heard these words from witch Let him lie down- give him some wine – drink this- steady now- youll be all right in a minute. Now we must get back to the other children. They woke up next morning  and first thing they heard-from Mrs Beaver- was that their Brother had been recued and bought into camp late last night ; and was at that moment with Aslan. They had breakfested they all went out, and there they saw Aslan and Edmund walking together on the grass. As the others drew nearei Aslan turned to meet them, bringing Edmund with him. Aslan said- Here is your Brother there is no need to talk to him about what is past . But the White Witch escape. Than Witch meet Aslan to talk. Lion and Witch talked earnestly together in low voises. At last they heard Aslan's voice"You can all come back. She has renouced the claim on your brother's blood.  


  1. Amm... i liked your summary i think that you write the most important things. :)
    And i really liked your background its very nice. :D